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Zachary's Art Contest 2011 infoat all four of our restaurant locations in the San Francisco Bay Area: Oakland, Berkeley, San Ramon, and Pleasant Hill. Each piece is created by one of Zachary’s enthusiastic and talented customers.

We started collecting these fun pieces from our Art Contest beginning in the mid-1980s, and have continued the tradition every two years or so since then. We now have over 300 great pieces of Zachary's Art!

A very special Zachary’s Art Contest ended Nov. 1, 2012.
Winning decorates our NEW Pleasant Hill location and celebrates Zachary’s 30th Anniversary in 2013.

Congratulations to all the art contest winners. We truly appreciate their love for Zachary's!

Many winning pieces are currently on display at all 4 Zachary's. Art will be displayed on the walls and rotated among Zachary's locations for years to come. More about Zachary's Art Contest and see winning entries from 2012 and previous years.

New Artwork from 2012 posted on Art Contest page

NIAD Artists ArtThe 2011 NIAD Art Center Artists

Zachary's Young Artists Awards 2011The 2011 Zachary's Young Artists Awards

Stories about a few of The Artists over the years and their inspiration.

Art from the 2009 art contest

Here are a few of the 2009 Zachary's Art Contest Winners. We awarded over 80 winners in 2009!

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See stories about a few of The Artists (and their inspiration!) who have created artwork with a Zachary's pizza theme.

Cindy Chan and Marisa LingLisa Hayle and Harry the DogDonna and Tony Aweeka


New Artwork from 2012 posted on Art Contest page

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