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July 15, 2010 Issue

includes Zachary's Chicago Pizza

A Slice of Heaven

By Jeremy White
(article excerpt)

American Way Magazine - Zachary's Chicago PizzaYou can’t go wrong at America’s 10 best pizza parlors.

EVER SINCE AMERICA’S first licensed pizzeria began serving the masses in New York City in 1905, the humble peasant fare that originated in Naples, Italy, has become a staple of our national diet. It tops our list of comfort foods and, though not technically American, has taken its place alongside the proverbial baseball and apple pie as an institution that we have made uniquely our own.

With nearly 75,000 pizza parlors scattered across our vast landscape, you can be sure a fresh pie is never more than a phone call away. Its convenience, as much as anything, has made it a century-old winner for a society that doesn’t pause....

But while a good pizza is one thing, a truly memorable one is another subject entirely. When you want the best of the best, check out these 10 treasure troves of pizza bliss. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll never look at pizza the same way again....

The Bay Area isn’t short of dining legends, but no pizza trip is complete without downing the deep-dish at Zachary’s. In the land of gourmet, anything-goes pizza, Zachary’s pays homage to the great pies that put Chicago on the map — and it dares to exceed them at their own game.

Show up hungry — really hungry — because this style of pizza is as hearty as it gets. It’s thick and drowning in cheese, while the sauce is bold and seasoned just right.

What to order: While Zachary’s also serves thin-crust pizzas, opt for the stuffed. Order one with sausage, spinach and garlic for an unparalleled flavor explosion.

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A Slice of Heaven

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