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“… dig right into the tangy, tomato-topped deep-dish pizza.  The buttery crust and generous fillings of tasty ingredients such as spinach and mushrooms are worth the wait every time.  The thin crust pizza with its crispy cornmeal-lined base is also delicious. The Zachary’s team has captured pizza perfection…”



Established in 1983, we are a 100% employee-owned company with four locations in the San Francisco Bay Area: Oakland, Berkeley, San Ramon, and Pleasant Hill. Recognized locally and nationally with over 150 Best Pizza Awards, Zachary’s offers 2 styles of pizza: a Chicago-style stuffed pizza and a traditional thin crust pizza. Every Zachary’s Chicago Pizza is made with our mildly spicy, tangy tomato sauce, made-from-scratch dough, and our unique blend of quality cheeses. All ingredients are the finest and freshest available. Our approach is a commitment to high quality food, and a pleasurable dining experience.


Zachary's stuffed pizzaNot to be confused with “Sicilian” style, “Stuffed Crust” or other “deep dish” pizzas, Zachary’s Stuffed Chicago Style pizza is something else altogether. A thin layer of our house made pizza dough is tucked into a deep dish pizza pan. We fill the pie with the highest quality cheese and any combination of fresh toppings. Another thin layer of dough is then added to cover the filling. The pizza is then topped with our zesty, diced tomato sauce and is slowly cooked in our oven. The top layer of dough will melt into the cheese and seal in flavor as our flaky, buttery crust bakes until it is golden brown. Allow 30-40 minutes for Stuffed Pizzas.

Zachary’s Thin Style pizza is a great choice for those who prefer a more traditional pizza. Our fresh, house made pizza dough is rolled to a moderate thickness and dusted with cornmeal. A specially seasoned, hearty diced tomato sauce is then applied along with the ingredients you choose. Allow 20-30 minutes for Thin Pizzas.


In 2003, after 20 years of hard work establishing a solid business and bringing together a top-notch dedicated crew, the founders Zach and Barbara decided it was time to retire from the restaurant business. They didn't want to sell the business outright. Instead, they found a way to transfer the business to their employees by way of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Through participation in an ESOP, employees are motivated to think and work like owners, and long-time employees gain the opportunity for financial security. As of July 26, 2010 Zachary's ESOP owns 100% of the company.

As employee owners, we continue the Zachary’s tradition. We are committed to making the highest quality pizza possible while providing genuine care for our guests. We are truly honored that people choose to eat at Zachary's. It is our sincere hope we can make our customers happy, that they will enjoy our pizza and their experience with us.


Zachary's founders Zach Zachowski and Barbara Gabel both grew up in small towns in Wisconsin. After living in Chicago for several years, they developed a taste for deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. In 1983, they found themselves in the San Francisco Bay Area with dreams of opening their own restaurant. They spotted a funky little lampshade shop in the East Bay and envisioned this spot as the location for their own pizza restaurant—with a California twist.

Zachary's Founders, Zach Zachowski and Barbara Gabel, 1983
Zach Zachowski & Barbara Gabel, Zachary's Founders, 1983

As luck would have it, the lampshade shop owner was ready to retire. So it was here on the corner of College Avenue and Oak Grove in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland that they opened the original Zachary’s. After much planning and jack-hammering, the first Zachary's on College Avenue opened its doors for business on July 25, 1983. There were 30 seats in just 900 square feet of space—the size of our current waiting area!

Business took off immediately. To meet the growing demand, Zach and Barbara opened a second store in nearby Berkeley on Solano Avenue just over a year later on September 16, 1984. After two decades in the Bay Area, we opened our third location in San Ramon, California on September 13, 2006. In 2008, with three locations and over 100 Best Pizza awards to our name, we celebrated our 25th year in the Bay Area.

-- Location #4 now open in Pleasant Hill --


One-of-a-kind works of art decorate the walls at our four restaurant locations in the Bay Area. These unique pieces of art are created by our enthusiastic and talented customers.

We started an art contest in the mid-1980s and have continued the tradition every two years or so since then. The fun pieces you see on our restaurant walls are from our art contest winners. We display art from the latest contests and also rotate pieces among our restaurants. We've collected hundreds of pieces of art over the years. See a selection from the Zachary's Chicago Pizza Art Collection. And come see them in person on our walls!

Zachary's 30th Anniversary Photo Contest

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